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verantwortlich: Dr. Fabienne Quennet

UNICERTEnglish for Students of Business Administration and Economics (C1) (Blended)

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Einstufungsergebnis: 60-95

Note: This course can be recognized as Sprachkurs 1 for students who complete UNICert(R) Module 1.

This course will help students enrolled in Business or Economics programmes to develop their ability to communicate appropriately in English in academic and professional situations. While all skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) will be addressed, there will be a stronger focus on spoken production and oral comprehension. We will base our discussions on current themes in the world of business and economics and will explore relevant podcasts, TED Talks, articles, and other sources.

The primary aims of the course are

  • to express yourself fluently and appropriately using idiomatic and subject-specific language
  • to adapt your use of English to the specific situation (in terms of tone and style)
  • to fully understand moderately-paced speech on subject-specific topics
  • to generally follow rapid speech on subject-specific topics

These aims will be achieved through speaking practice (discussions, scenario-tasks, presentations, etc.) with feedback. You will also be exposed to authentic text and audio/video sources. As necessary, we will clarify and practise grammatical constructions and subject-specific lexis. Your grade will depend on language production tasks during the semester as well as a speaking test and a listening test at the end of the course.

The coursework will take these forms: weekly online lessons to complete on ILIAS, 8 online conferences, 4 classroom sessions (building and room number see below). The dates of the classroom sessions are: Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13, and Jan 24. You also have to come to the classroom for the listening test on Feb 07. All other course dates are online sessions. You will have access to the online materials and the link to the live sessions well enough in advance before the start of the course.

Note that for the classroom sessions, the updated regulations to prevent infections, effective from October 18, will apply.

There is no course book, but it is strongly recommended that you purchase a copy of: Emmerson, P. (2007). Business English Handbook Advanced. MacMillan. ISBN 978-1-4050-8605-9 (Price on German distributor website: 32.00 EUR). This book will be valuable also as self-study material beyond this course.

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