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verantwortlich: Dr. Fabienne Quennet

Academic English for Students of the Humanities - Speaking/Listening (B2)

SWS: 2


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This course is one of two English language courses for students of history, cultural history, and archeology (FB 06). The summer semester course focuses on reading, working with and writing about subject-specific texts. The winter semester course (this course) focuses more on oral production, reception and interaction about subject-specific topics in relevant situations. The specific learning goals are

  • to take part in subject-specific discussions without much difficulty
  • to be able to produce coherent and well-organised longer contributions or presentation-like monologues
  • to speak with a level of fluency characterised by rare hesitation and little searching for words
  • to express yourself with an appropriate range of subject-specific and general academic vocabulary
  • to be aware of and follow principles for fruitful academic discussions
  • to understand presentation and contributions to discussions on subject-specific topics

We will achieve these goals by working with authentic podcast materials with experts from relevant academic fields. You will listen to the discussions both in order to train your listening skills and as a model for effective academic discussion. We will also practise discussion and presentation-like formats in online lessons. You will complete an assignment and there will be a speaking test and a listening test at the end of the course.

It is strongly recommended that you acquire a copy of this book: Beck-Zangenberg, C.: Englischer Wortschatz Geschichte, Klett, ISBN 978-3-12-580103-5 (Price on publisher website: 18.00 EUR)


50511Academic English for Students of the Humanities (B2) *#+Fr10:00-11:30Online-Kurs29.10.-11.02.Ruben Biekerentgeltfreikeine Buchung