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verantwortlich: Dr. Fabienne Quennet

UNICERTEnglish for Students of Business Administration and Economics (C1)

SWS: 2


Einstufungsergebnis: 60-95

In the present semester, this course is offered as an online course. It consists of exercises and assignments on ILIAS with teacher feedback and guidance as well as course sessions by way of web conference. To create best possible conditions for interaction the web conferences will be held in small groups, at the times advertised below (GMT+1). In total there will be approx. 13 web conferences. You will get access to the ILIAS course approx. one week before the course starts or on the first day of the course.

Attention: Originally, the first class session on Nov 10 was intended to be held face-to-face. Given recent developments, however, this session will now also be held by way of a web conference.

This course will help students enrolled in business or economics programmes to develop their oral competencies in English with a special focus on subject-specific topics, situations, and expressions. We will base our discussions on current themes in the world of business and economics and will explore relevant podcasts, TED Talks, articles, and other sources.

The primary aims of the course are

  • - to express yourself fluently and appropriately using idiomatic and subject-specific language
  • - to adapt your use of English to the specific intercultural situation (in terms of tone and style)
  • - to speak with generally correct grammar
  • - to speak with clear and generally correct pronunciation
  • - to fully understand moderately-paced speech on subject-specific topics
  • - to generally follow rapid speech on subject-specific topics

These aims will be achieved through targeted practice of advanced and subject-specific vocabulary/expressions and grammatical structures. Naturally, we will do speaking practice (discussions, scenario-tasks, presentations, etc.) with feedback. You will also be exposed to authentic text and audio/video sources.

Your grade will depend on two assignments and a test at the end of the course.

30511English for Students of Business Administration and Economics (C1)Di16:00-17:30Online-Kurs10.11.-23.02.Ruben Bieker
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