Englisch Fachsprache Medizin
verantwortlich: Dr. Fabienne Quennet

English for Students of Medicine (Wahlpflichtfach Vorklinikum; nur für Studierende im Vorklinikum) (B2-C1.2)

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Einstufungsergebnis: 66-100

In the present semester, this course is offered as an online course. It consists of exercises and assignments on ILIAS with teacher feedback and guidance as well as course sessions by way of web conference. To create best possible conditions for interaction the web conferences will be held in small groups, at the times advertised below (GMT+1). In total there will be approx. 5 web conferences. You will get access to the ILIAS course on the first day of the course.

Registration begins on October 1, 2020.

This course is designed for medical students in their pre-clinical studies. Emphasis will be on cultural conventions and spoken-language competence in everyday professional situations. By active participation in this class students will be able to achieve the following:

  • - discuss disease and conditions / using anatomical and medical terminology
  • - gain confidence in the procedural aspects of medicine: doing a physical examination, talking and listening to patients (doctor - patient communication)
  • - describe symptoms / present cases
  • - take clinical histories / patient interview
  • - find relevant information (i.e. websites, books, explanations of abbreviations)
  • - discuss relevant controversial issues in medicine
  • - effective presentation skills concerning medical issue of choice

Certificate requirements: Regular attendance and homework is a must. Your grade will be based on active participation, homework and a presentation you have to give.

30514English for Students of Medicine B2-C1 (Wahlpflichtfach Vorklinikum) *#+Mi18:00-19:30Online-Kurs11.11.-20.01.Dr. Fabienne Quennet
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